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Sheriff Timothy Cameron and States Attorney Rick FritzState’s Attorney Richard Fritz has practiced as a courtroom trial attorney for over thirty-seven years.  He has gained experience in the practice of trial law from both sides of the trial table – defense attorney and as prosecutor.  As State’s Attorney, he has taken an active role as a trial prosecutor in the courts of this county.  He has supervised the prosecution of every major criminal trial in St. Mary’s County since 1999, when he was first elected as chief prosecutor.  His experience includes:

·         1976 Senior Law Clerk to District Public Defender, John F. Slade, III (now retired District Court Judge)

·         1977 Assistant State’s Attorney, under George Sparling (now County Attorney), duties involved supervision of child support unit.

·         1981 Assistant Public Defender, under District Public Defender, John F. Slade, III, duties involved felony defense in Circuit Court.

·         1982 Assistant State’s Attorney, under C. Clarke Raley (now retired Circuit Court Judge), duties involved Juvenile Court and District Court.

·         1984 Deputy State’s Attorney under Walter B. Dorsey, duties involved serious and complex felony prosecutions, supervision of assistants, and chief advisor to Grand Jury.

·         1992-1998 Private practice of criminal and civil trial litigation. Civil practice included divorce, custody, personal injury, products liability, contract disputes, estates and trusts, workers compensation and administrative hearings.

·         1998 elected and sworn as State’s Attorney.

·         2002 re-elected and sworn as State’s Attorney.

·         2006 re-elected and sworn as State’s Attorney.

·         2010 re-elected and sworn as State’s Attorney.

·         Administers the legal division of the Bureau of Child Support that collects over 9 million dollars a year in child support payments from absent parents.

·         Has served as Special Assistant to the State in both Charles and Calvert Counties.

·         Has served as counsel to the Fraternal Order of Police and the Correctional Officer’s Association.

·         Has served as chief legal advisor to the Grand Jury of St. Mary’s County.

·         Has served as chief legal advisor to police in investigative matters.

·         Has personally prosecuted more than 50 homicide cases.

·         Has personally prosecuted more than 1,000 felony drug cases.

·         Has tried more than 300 jury trials, and over 1,000 court trials.

·         Supervises nine experienced trial attorneys in what is considered the largest law firm in St. Mary’s County.

·         Through the years, prior to becoming State’s Attorney, Richard supervised every major division of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

·         In past years, State’s Attorney Fritz has received the endorsements of the Fraternal Order of Police, State Fraternal Order of Police, Sheriff Ben Burroughs, Richard Voorhaar, Wayne Pettit and Tim Cameron.

·         Member of the Mechanicsville Moose Lodge, and the Chamber of Commerce.

·         Member of the National District Attorney’s Association.

·         Member of the Board of Directors of the State’s Attorney’s Association.

During Richard’s career as an attorney and prosecutor, he has had the opportunity to prosecute many cases involving expert witnesses in the following areas:

01.  Forensic pathology relating to cause of death.

02.  DNA analysis relating to identification.

03.  Gunshot residue relating to recent contact with firearms.

04.  Fingerprint analysis relating to identification.

05.  Psychopathic personalities on issues of criminal responsibility.

06.  Tool mark analysis on gun shells from discharged firearms.

07.  Firearm analysis.

08.  Ballistic analysis.

09.  Hair and fiber analysis.

10.  Arson cause and analysis.

11.  Engineering analysis on inherently dangerous items.

12.  Drug analysis and identification.

13.  Cellphone location and triangulation.

Experience in the courtroom is an important factor in any prosecutor’s responsibility to protect the community in which he serves.  Richard has tried more than 300 jury trials and well over 1,000 court trials.  The importance of understanding that which is necessary to carry the burden of proof to meet the constitutional standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” requires many years of experience as a prosecutor.  As the chief homicide prosecutor in St. Mary’s County, Richard has tried more than fifty murder cases, and has supervised the prosecution of other homicide cases in the twenty-eight years he has served as a prosecutor.                                                           

As State’s Attorney, Richard has prosecuted more than 1,000 drug cases and well recognizes the impact that drug addiction has had on our community.  He served as Deputy State’s Attorney and State’s Attorney during the crack cocaine epidemic and is well prepared to continue this fight against the more recent onslaught of opioid addiction.

In order to supervise an office of nine experienced trial attorneys, a State’s Attorney must possess the experience and knowledge of trial litigation.  It is one thing to say – “I want to be State’s Attorney”.  It is quite another to possess the experience and knowledge to truly be a State’s Attorney.  Vote Experience – Vote Knowledge – Vote Fritz!


By Authority: Barbara Rivera, Treasurer, Bi-Partisan Committee for the Re-Election of Richard Fritz for State’s Attorney, P.O. Box 184, Leonardtown, Maryland 20650